Can I just give a shout out to my interval training app?


✔️convenient (since it’s on your phone and who even DOESN’T have a phone on them these days?!)

✔️keeps you honest


✔️tracks your progress

✔️discreet (not that it matters when under stay-at-home orders 😂 😭)

✔️gives you “partial credit” when you do a part of your workout but not all

I’ve been using this for a while now, mainly for my internal energy practice, but also for HIIT workouts when I feel so inclined. I wanted something more robust than my timer because I like to at least get 10-15 minutes of practice in a day to get that consistency running. With it, I have a preferred setup I like to do that I’ve given the badass name, “internal”.

I know.


Anyway, it’s all intervals of two minutes. The “warmup” flows into the main practice as does the last interval into the “cool down”. I have 5 intervals — high being 2 minutes and low being 10 seconds. The ten seconds is just so I can get out of whatever I’m doing and set up the next without much extraneous thinking. So lately I’ve been starting seated and working with breath or mind alone. Then I alternate single whip and right ward off twice then quiet standing.

As a bare minimum, this practice yields results. It seriously is amazing that you don’t have to do much (with the right tools/training/intention— however you want to put it) to *feel*/experience internal energy. As I always say when reflecting on this, who knew?! Another byproduct — my mind is MUCH more focused after consistently exploring this. I can focus with WAY less wandering. Helpful!

Anyway, this app is amazing for keeping your progress, keeping you honest, and allowing you to do what you do. Check it out for your own practice needs.

Your thoughts?

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