Hey folks,

I hope you enjoy your time here. There are a couple things you could check out.

For instance, just search for my poetry to get snippets of my writing. Think of it as the amuse bouche of my work. Just enough to get a taste. This is good for when you’re waiting in line or commuting or have nothing else better to do.

The blog mainly covers things that are interesting to me and my thoughts about them. I write like I talk, which tends to be more colloquial and less formal. I find writing to be useful in unraveling questions I have.

You could also check out my portfolio. There are a couple plays that include the most recent drafts of some of my scripts. This is good for folks that like mythology, love stories, coming of age things, power structures, gender identity, non-verbal communication, the mundane and the philosophical, things with lots of music, etc.

My plays are the type of thing that are good if you want to create an immersive theater performance that probably involves a lot of different types of media, but you could find a way to do in a low-fi way. They tend to involve think-y, often quirky, heartfelt characters whose passion often gets the better of themselves.

Oh, I’m on Instagram too.



Let’s connect and make beautiful things!

barbara dot jwan at gmail

Your thoughts?

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