All scripts are available to read upon request.


2F, 2M, 1 person of any gender

When two teenagers are the sole survivors of an attack that decimated their village, they are left with nothing but to seek out those responsible for the destruction. They find themselves entangled in the politics of the temple of Nanna-Sin, the mood god, where a High Priestess and her right hand man conspire to control all.

  • October 2017: San Francisco Olympians Festival, staged reading.


Punk As Fuck

4F, 4M, and ideally 1 band

One night at a home turned punk venue that’s been in existence as long as anyone in the scene can tell. Three generations of punk rockers contemplate the evolution of the scene and what the future of the movement and art holds all with the backdrop of a legendary punk producer who wants to make an up and coming band a deal.

  • January 2016: Custom Made Theatre, Undiscovered Works, staged reading.
  • May 2015: Just Theater New Plays Lab, staged reading.


The Imaginary Opponent

2F, 3M

The group dynamics of a martial arts school is shaken when one student harasses another. The instructors disagreement over how to handle the situation breaks the social contract and threatens the structure of the school.

  • August 2014: Carnegie Mellon University New Works Series, workshop thesis production


It’s All in the Mix

1F, 2M

A coming of age love story where a young woman becomes enmeshed in DJ culture.

  • July 2012: All Terrain Theater, staged production.


Hera (The Pregnant Man Play)

(you can watch the original staged reading with the San Francisco Olympians Festival by clicking above)

2F, 3M

Hera has had enough. She decides to get her revenge on Zeus and bro culture by impregnating a bro perpetrator in the SF Marina. As he prepares for birth, he learns the consequences of his actions and another side to life he hadn’t seen before. But he must make amends with Hera before Zeus finds him and his soon-to-be born baby.

  • November 2012: San Francisco Olympians Festival


i stole lance armstrong’s bike

2F, 1M

Two young women become internet famous when they steal Lance Armstrong’s time trial bike, post online, and drive off into the middle of nowhere, CA in order to ditch it. Along the way they meet a busker who throws off who’s in control.

  • 2011, All Terrain Theater, staged reading.


And more!

Feel free to inquire about other plays, operas, screenplays, and poetry I write by writing me at barbara dot jwan at gmail.





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