re birth re emergence

i see you have taken the form of the rabbits outside

and the cormorant outside also seems familiar

a goose held my gave a little longer than was comfortable the other day

a deer walked on my path

a hawk swooped in front of our car

i hear the tapping of a woodpecker outside and i knew

a school of fish in the local pond seems to be quite charmed when i look overhead

in never seems to fail that a fly lands on me when i practice tai chi outside

(which i find rather fitting in a way)

and sometimes i see a rainbow right when i need it

each instance takes my breath away for just a second

and i think maybe you all have been here before, haven’t you?

so i’m grateful to my guiding friends

who seem to pop up most unexpectedly



The stuff legends are made of

It is easy to practice

To give service

When everything is just so

Nice calm day

Sunny skies

People smiling

Being respectful

Looking out for one another with compassionate hearts

When you hear, feel, and see the value of the good work you do

On those days, practice and service is a joy

Is a welcome opportunity to shine

To reflect light

Where the work doesn’t need to be recognized or lauded 

for it to feel impactful

On days when it’s a struggle to get up

Get going

See your own reflection in the mirror

When you collide continually with disgust





Worse yet

When because of the weight

It’s like you can’t get it off you

When even writing a word 

Or taking a step

Takes tremendous effort
All I can point to is our past stories, myths and legends

Whether true, embellished, or complete fantasy

To look at our heroes

Our guides

Our ancestors

Who whatever the circumstances

Whatever the challenge

And facing some very real stakes


Like if this doesn’t happen now things could get very bad

Our heroes

Ou guides

Our ancestors

They found a way

In that moment even if only that one moment

They found a way
To you I give you now

I recognize and remember your sacrifice

Your hard work

This moment is for you

Thank you