creating space

extending out into infinity

creating more room

and emptiness 

nothing left

nothing left but the space to be

to settle

to rest deeply

to sit and hear

the songs from within

for so long waiting to get out

to find a way

to be heard

songs that have no names

that have no words

that simply are expressed

and simple to express

to hear

to know

and to dwell 

this is what it’s like

when things are empty

and not the negative 


we would sometimes 

misunderstand emptiness with


when you are patient

with a type of being

it does become 


black heron

raindrop rolling right of the wing

black feathers

water sits on top like a little transclucent blob

little pebble

with a bright ray of light


little drops of water rest on top

bird holds its feathers fanned out

protecting the ground

giving shelter to itself

like the cover it provides under its beautiful wings

could let millions of little beings rest for a moment

from tiny droplets of water

that to a very tiny being

feel like an ocean of water ready to consume them