birds who fly with the rainbow

birds who fly upon rainbows

weaving their way through the colors 

pondering the waves below

watching as sailboats drift into rainbow light

swoop down to touch the sea

and then land in a nearby palm tree

watching serenely 

as clouds of many shapes drift by 

inside music

in my favorite kind of music 

sometimes you can see space birds

flying with sparkly rainbow tails 

paint the sky fire red

bubbles drift up from the ocean 

yellow blue and purple 

like a fizzy drink

and birds sing love songs to each other

songs of togetherness

like how drifting and swooping 

through the magical air

feels like the greatest thing

and to be able to enjoy it with someone else

is a wonderful thing indeed

birds singing in trees

feathers wherever you step like birds

want you to know they are there

for you

birds leaving feathers 

on the path

like presents

for you to say

“oh hey”

“look at that”

birds that tweet to each other

birds that chatter

and birds that sing

they fly to one another from


to branch

and if you watched 

as you walked

you’d notice

little birds 

saying hello


“hey, i see you”

“hey, i’m here”

and when you don’t look up

they look at each other

and shrug

and say

“well maybe this feather will get their attention”

and it does

because birds have their ways

and they can be very playful sometimes