i’m hoping that underneath the surface 

filled with storms and sharp currents

fierce winds that whip cheeks

heavy waves that seem to never end

that there is a space of calm and depth

its sophistication so intense

that those who witness it would be in awe

make someone look twice

then dive under 

deep with clarity, purpose, direction 

until the confusion at the top 

is a blip on the radar screen

play this song for strength of vision


this song will hypnotize

this is the song you tell your problems to

it is a patient listener

but don’t surprised if it moves around while you talk

it has things to do

as you are in the same room as this song

you notice your heartbeat begins to slow

until the guitar enters

and it is unexpected and your eyes will dilate

you hadn’t noticed before the temperature of the room

but suddenly you do

the song looks at you

the song doesn’t blink

the song gets closer to you

the song makes you uncomfortable 

the song makes you question how you are in life and how you show up

as the beat quickens

you hear its message

you are engrossed

you listen intently to every sound

every tone

every note

every beat

and the temperature of the room it creates

a piece of the world becomes unveiled 

the unnoticed becomes noticeable 

and you realize you are in the song

you are no longer afraid of the song

you breathe calmly with the song

you see with clarity through the song

you know what to do because of the song

you know your purpose for today and all the days that are next because of the song

you repeat the song

you repeat the song

you repeat the song

you repeat the song

until it fades to quiet


the fruit

the seeds

the juice 

deep dark red magenta

clears the blood

and cobwebs from the mind

skin begins to glow again

come alive

golden radiance like the sun

eyes become sharper

see like an eagle

clear again 

able to breathe again