look to the sky 

when you come to the first part of the day where you are under sky

after a long while 

confined and neatly organized 

suddenly released into the the wild 

vibrant rainbow sky 

where you don’t know the outcome but feel that it will be good

stand under it 

looking up and as you close your eyes to breathe 

finally breathe in this air

this movement of wisps of clouds

across the evening

into forever 

into the dream land

into the space where art is created 

and true appreciate can resonate

i bow down in gratitude to this time and don’t know why

i am here another day

but i am

and somehow i am shining 

how could i not honor that gift?

outstretched hand

golden lace across the sky

cars all lined up to see you

beauty of the sun drifting down

welcoming night

in the glowing embers 

in an instant

a moment that lasts for so long

these cars turn to rust 

landscape changes

as brightly 


shining down


covering the world with the edges of rainbows 

and sometimes 

standing there watching

as if when i raised my hand 

i could touch the cloud i see


clouds that move across the sky

forming shapes

raindrops fall down to the ground 

filling divets and indentations

with water


soaking through

until they form pools 

with rippling edges 

reverberating back

sprinkles from the sky

refreshing the world’s greenery

pink skies

pink and blue striped skies today

looking at the light spread warmth across clouds

like waves folding in upon themselves 

beautiful skies like from a dream

bringing the sun’s welcoming rays

air that wraps you into its arms

yes, the most comforting air

that holds you up

together you look to the sky

in awe

blanket of clouds

sky is a sea of opaque clouds stretching out into infinity 

sunlight illuminates the pearly mist

it moves slowly observing the land below

at the horizon clouds morph into shapes

these are the clouds from distant places

traveling through mountains and over oceans

beautiful sculptures which let the dreamer contemplate infatuated 

fog moves in the hills

the fog 


sits in the hills


covering the ground

and grey cloud

so soft


put your hand through it

but could never hold onto it

dark green grasses 

reach up when the clouds drift low

and sometimes

the way the moon shines

as the wind moves

looks like a silent song

where all the greenery of the earth 


the clouds

they move so gracefully

dancing as light rolls over under

through the valleys 

then dissipates in morning sun 


there are distant clouds

puffy scattered and soft

they spread across the sky

making a beautiful pattern

like cloth 

and when the sun shines on them

blue shadows give you calm

as they drift across the sky

like pieces of fleece

you could reach out 

and touch one

then it’d be like touching the sky

and holding it between your fingertips 

Her name is Hina

There is an old lady who calls to the ocean. She puts up her hands and it speaks to her. Her hair is silver. She’s been here for so long, but you could never tell how old she was. Her face is so smooth like a stone that has washed up on shore. Like one that was tumbled until any roughness no longer exists except in the memory inside the heart of the stone.

She lives with the moon now, but she’ll still walk along the wet sand. With bare feet and her clothes waving in the winds. And when she walks, she is every age all at once. Because she is timeless like the stars. Because she is from another place like the sun. She knows how to be all places at the same time. This isn’t hard for her. It never was. 

But then, she’s unlike you or me…

She gives us gifts, you know. When she steps upon the sand, she likes to create little tidepools with her feet. When her feet kiss the sand, she could bend down, scoop up earth and water rushing in together and throw it to the sky who would laugh at her, she can be so strange sometimes.

She smiles when it’s cold. And when it’s damp. And when the winds blow. And when the sky turns to darkness sprinkled with light. Because she knows what we don’t yet know and she is so happy to welcome her hands to us and stretch them out to us. Like a mother coaxing her baby to take its very first steps. She stands before us, welcoming us to fall into wonder with the unknown. 

She is our guide.

Barbara here… I was incredibly inspired after reading this story today, so I don’t often do this, but I felt like honoring and riffing of off the story of the Hawaiian ancestor, Hina. Enjoy!