the hands reach out to hold on

put the pieces back together

hold it together

the hands surround 


each one giving warmth

each one giving strength

the hands soothe

the hands calm

the hands centered around the body

place hands and hold 

they do so until there is no more

they bind together 

bring it all together

and make the broken whole again


body is whole again

we see beyond

i look out and see beyond the horizon

i lift my head up to

face myself

face the world

facing with clarity


honest about where i’m at 

i see now

i see me

i am not the villian i thought i was

and neither is the person before me

neither is the landscape before me

i am not the enemy

i look out and see faith

in this rests the belief in myself

my community

that anything is possible

that oneness

against the silence

knowing how to channel anger

removing desire before it turns to hate

standing against fear

looking it in the eye

my breath is so natural

you can see the sun come up

you can feel when the ground lifts and curves upwards to the sky

you can see past the horizon

all of us



patiently waiting together