soft new hands

eyes that dance and fix their gaze

i’m not sure what to call you

what do i have to give you?

will you enjoy the things i do or find them embarrassing?

you have a waddle-kind-of run

it’s like the ducks you enjoy pointing at

i’m not sure if i’m too much of a nit-picker

perhaps that makes me not ready

perhaps it’s why you aren’t here

i am doing a series of challenges to show you though

i’m not sure if they are building the skills you want to see in me

i guess you should know i cry a lot

i maybe get more upset at inconsequential things than i really should

i’d like to explore the little wonders with you

i wish i could see you

and know your name

and what you’re like




like a hungry animal

like one that stalks and paces

like one with its eyes fixated

mind fixated

like one who waits with open jaws

like one who is ready to pounce

like one able to bound off into a run

running without thought to any ending 

any beginning

like a roar

like a whisper

like a low growl

like a snarl 

like one that hunts

like one that makes the others run

like one who darts

and moves

and in its movement 

causes fear

causes a jolt 

a doubt

and suddenly there they are

there it is 

animal, like one who is hungry

who has a deeper desire than most will ever know 

the kind that cannot be stopped 

will never die

will never quit 

will always move