riding the train while writing

the simultaneous movement of fingers 

hunting and pecking 


on the phone

no writing pad

candlelight quills dipped in ink

nothing fancy about this writing desk or station

no artsy cafe ambiance

no comfy chair

the incantation comes from the glow of the screen 

through smeared vaguely transparent windows

city hearts

city surroundings

veins connecting cities together

running alongside red black yellow white streaming lights 

highway curves and bends with the tracks

they are transit dance partners

warehouses of boxes that look like boxes


more storage for all the stuff


and the blinking lights and flashes

this is the beauty of the commute

when the day is done

when the day is beginning 

inspiration comes from a spark

type it out 

fast as you can 

before you come to your stop

this is my stop

and you post it on the bulletin board of the internet

unsexy board covered with scraps of paper

punctured holes from all the posts

push pins with bent points

the tendency to get lost in this shuffle is easy

and yet there is something freeing about that

time when it moves 

as if memory could call into another time

tap in so deeply 

so as 

to reveal the moment in a vastly new light

as if time travel 

was possible 

simply from listening to music


on a journey 

or sometimes stationary 

the world seems to be compressed in the moment of pause

as if pause was not stopping but slowing down to the point

where slow mo

slow motion into each subsequent movement

at this scale every action is important

every minuscule movement leads to something else

until you look around 

and the day whirls once more

spins around you


and the littlest subtleties become

intensely beautiful 

song about a heavenly gift

From the heavens

Fire blossom

Raining down joy

Raining down care

Telling us that some of the simplest, sweetest things are within

Within the heart 

A great beating 

The type that grows louder when it is being stifled

The type that will sound to you clearly as 

You move forward

Forward direction

Never deterring 

Not aggressive but assertive

Sometimes crawling is all you need to get somewhere

Sometimes all you need is to look

Looking at what is around

Taking in the readiness, the liveliness, the sparkle

Hold it in your hand

Bring it close so it glows upon your face

It is a gift

It is a gift to be thankful for