fog moves in the hills

the fog 


sits in the hills


covering the ground

and grey cloud

so soft


put your hand through it

but could never hold onto it

dark green grasses 

reach up when the clouds drift low

and sometimes

the way the moon shines

as the wind moves

looks like a silent song

where all the greenery of the earth 


the clouds

they move so gracefully

dancing as light rolls over under

through the valleys 

then dissipates in morning sun 

foggy night

silky fog rolls in 

clouding the sky 

a vibrant blue

last of the daylight seeping through 

but the fog says 

no, now we go darker

and the air becomes colder

lightly breezy

up in the sky

piercing through 

feathery wispy clouds

a little fingernail moon

glowing pale and it’s

like the space around it is this tunnel

or cave

and the clouds provide coverage

for some other place

withing the sky 

far off

and we don’t know how to get there

we can only admire from afar

still the brightness shines on everything

and even fog looks clear in 

the middle of night