spring time

waiting for the lady in the mountains

whose footsteps reveal the greenery


underneath and from the earth

whose voice echoes against rock and through canyons

who calls across distances to awaken 

who stirs the blood with eyes like fire

who welcomes weary travelers with springs of water

who points the way and shows how momentum grows endlessly 

waiting patiently until she reveals herself 

and then there is only brightness and laughter 



night street

my friends laugh and laugh

and they go no

to the negativity

say look


it’s this thing

it’s this that I can sometimes help you with

and I go

and I say something profound sometimes

that nobody expects

but i promptly forget and giggle

because I love laughing



a heartbeat

what does it matter hot and cold?

cool breeze on an evening

or warm sunny bench at midday

what’s it like to be in between those worlds?

one foot on each place

over the boundary on the edge of reality

how does it feel to be without words?

the deepness

the richness 

of experience touched with grace

to be within change

to feel the rise and fall of water and keep as steady as possible

to strive and to reach

and to laugh because it happens

because laughter keeps on sparkling

because water has moments of twinkling light

because the fear is something to work with 

because there are things you already know

because wonder is the photographic memory of each breath

because those that love draw close

because laughter is spirit

and there are moments 

when the song of the world is 

infinitely beautiful