The Real World – Theater Edition: An Interview with Libby Emmons

Recent interview with Libby Emmons for SF Theater Pub was way cool. Loved hearing her perspective on art-making and not “asking permission”. 

And it’s so true! We do ask permission all the time to do art. Why? Isn’t that somewhat the point of art (possibly) to not ask permission?
I remember something Rob Handel told us at CMU though – that you submit to playwriting/creative opportunities AND you create your own opportunities. The first is because hey, you never know. It’s so much determined by undefinable factors that you can never truly know. I call BS on anyone or thing that says otherwise! 

And the second is because it’s fun to make art, yeah? I think so…

Anyway, wanted to share this interview again here to help promote the Morrissey Plays at PianoFight tonight and tomorrow and because I wanted to share what Libby said once more! 

Oh, in the spirit of not apologizing for one’s existence/art and also Morrissey —
You’re Welcome. 
Barbara Jwanouskos interviews Libby Emmons. Kicking off the first interview of 2016 is Libby Emmons who starts us off right by talking about indie theater and the importance of creating your own opportunities. Libby is a playwright as well as a producer and has a similar theater in pubs type of play series going with […]

Punk As Fuck – reading on 1/12 at the Gallery Cafe in SF

Super lucky to be selected as a guinea pig for Custom Made Theatre‘s new plays development program. Myself and Megan Cohen, another fantastic local playwright (who happens to be in the cast of my play!) were asked to share a play we’d been working on for these one-off readings at the Gallery Cafe

The point of the readings is to hear the next draft of a script in progress and receive public feedback through a talkback immediately following the reading.

Originally, Punk As Fuck, was developed as a part of Just Theater‘s New Play Lab. We did a public reading last April and I was very proud of the work and everyone involved. Since then, I’ve had a chance to ruminate on the feedback I received as well as step back ftom the whole thing and figure out what exactly is next.

Right now, the play sits between a linear and non-linear structure. Like you could go in and make changes that would push it to be more like a Shakespearean structured comedy. Or you could trim the references between characters. You could diverge every time the want for some sort of logical linear reasoning came up. And I admit that it does probably exist between those two spaces right now.

I did have a thought this werkend when working on the latest revisions. We always talk about “the event” in theater, meaning why are all the characters there, tonight in this space? I had this step back and suddenly see the mural moment where it was like, “what if the event being staged is that each person lets go or attempts to come to terms with is trying to define what punk rock is and what that means for their identity?” 

And it’s a little disappointing in a way because that opens up a whole huge set of potential re-writes that I simply don’t have time to put into place until after the reading is over. But at least I may have a little more clarity for the next time I go at it. And who knows? Maybe the changes I made were what allowed me to arrive here in my thinking.

In any case, I hope you can come out (if you’re around/available)! I’d love your thoughts and perspective on the whole thing. 

Here is the facebook event. Join us! Oh, and let me know if you do so I can say hi!