dense night

Sometimes, darkness covered the land and sky with a density so thick, you could almost touch it. There was nothing to be agraid of, but when everything was very still. So quiet, not a word, it was hard not to feel as though something lurked and loomed from the outer edges of the deepness. Staring back from out into the night. Not a sound not a word. It was the kind of gradual awareness of a presence that within the darkness, in the depths of the sky across the land, the closeness of the night felt like a blanket covering wrapping up those who lived below. In a way, for a select few, perhaps, it was comforting.

Eventually, eyes adjust to the dark and then shapes of the tall thick trees could be made out. The ground was soft and though covered with bushes, small plants and debris.  The seasons were turning and so the air began to feel cold and enveloping As if it would drift straight through you then into the beyond. Walking at this time of night took great skill and concentration. It took time and patience.

There was a large tree within the forest that provide a welcome respite on the journey. it was a place that felt more protected than the other trees around it. She went to this tree. This is where she sat and listened with wide eyes until she didn’t remember anything from the world in front of her. Scanning the horizon and looking to the brightness of the stars. It wasn’t until a ray of light rested upon her cheek, that she looked around realizing she had fallen asleep. It was as though she had drifted to distant lands and worlds and then was back again in an instant. 

Everything looked so different during the day. Was no longer confined and dense, but open space and trees that went on forever. It was though she was in the middle of no where.

night is

night is a tree glowing bright

is a memory that won’t be forgotten

is a song we all know the words to

is a delicious loving meal

night is resting 

night is time to search and for adventure

night is time to say 

i don’t know

but it’s this positive cool thing

to not know the answers

to be in the dark

to have all the opportunities in the world

to create

to create 

to create

night is an unforgotten memory

night is creation

is imagination

is spark is life is night

the shapes in the blue hallway

blue hallway with golden light streaming through

shapes dance on the ground

the geometric outlines of truth

a patterned wall

light filters through see-through paper

like gauze it drapes down 

a veil between worlds

and in this cavernous space

no one is seen

all is shape

and light

and colors of all kinds imaginable

sometimes drifting figments pass by each other

a whisper to each other

and the night is timeless

as a candle glimmers

as the light flickers

as blue and deep green

flood into the hall




with a shift in time

and that’s when sparkles from nowhere 

like fireflies

come into view

foggy night

silky fog rolls in 

clouding the sky 

a vibrant blue

last of the daylight seeping through 

but the fog says 

no, now we go darker

and the air becomes colder

lightly breezy

up in the sky

piercing through 

feathery wispy clouds

a little fingernail moon

glowing pale and it’s

like the space around it is this tunnel

or cave

and the clouds provide coverage

for some other place

withing the sky 

far off

and we don’t know how to get there

we can only admire from afar

still the brightness shines on everything

and even fog looks clear in 

the middle of night

song for the night

quiet nights and quiet stars

sometimes stars can sing and see

quiet moon and quiet branch

trees that wave above to me

This was the little song she made for herself when the wind was chilly and the sky turned dark. This was the song she sang to herself to keep only but herself company during the night. She could hug her arms around her legs or she could whisper to the air. She could lean down resting her ear on the ground — could she hear the ants dancing between the leaves? Could she focus on an instant?

She hummed the song softly to herself and over the water, glistening from the moonlight, she knew something was listening. She wasn’t afraid, but she knew that beyond the water, there was something else. She turned her head to take it from her mind. Her eyes drifted to the stars as they always did on nights like these. And she smiled a great smile of gratitude. 

“Thank you, stars! I’m so glad I’m here!”

In the distance, beyond the water within the trees — something rustled. She focused on it. Breath quickening. Heart racing to the point where she had to reach up and hold her own chest, stablize it. 

No, it’s nothing.

Rising and falling against her hand. And then, she realized where she was and breathed deeply again. She crouched down within the tall grasses and her heart beat slowed. 

Thump thump. 

Thump thump. 

Thump thump.

Closer to the earth now and she could feel the heat of her breath and how it bent the grass by her side. 

There was nothing to be afraid of, but movement was so alarming sometimes. So, she laid back and closed her eyes humming the little tune of her own creation as the forest, the sky, the water and whatever else was out there bent closer to hear her soft voice.