light from a distance 

floating cloud

drifts into the night

stars twinkling above

soft sounds from the waves 

water below

still as the image of the moon

patterned brightly in pieces

acros the floor of endless water

and in the quiet calm

the edge

far to distant to be seen

there is the tinge of purple

as the light from a new dawn waits



when its light will fill the sky

and we will gasp

would you look at that!

pointing overhead with such wonder and such joy

for the world is filled with such beautiful moments 


out of the corner of my eye

there was a girl in the mirror today

but i did a double take

thinking it was me

i realized i didn’t know her

i realized it was someone different

but each time i looked up 

the girl was so familiar

and i thought

is this what my self looks like now?

is this what it’s like to catch yourself

in the midst of change

and realize

you don’t know 

the you in you anymore?

if it is

i can’t feel scared


or unimpressed

only a bit surprised

at what i looked like now

standing beside what i looked like then

each beautiful

in their own

very special way