forward momentum 

i have a beat inside

my own internal rhythm that keeps it going

keeps the pace 

keep going

repetitious overflow 

it cycles back


tells me where to go

tells me when to go

this rhythm gives style

and it’s like breathing 

i go fast

and i can stand still and go fast

it can be midnight

i can be asleep

i can walk down the street


and the rhythm links together movement 

there is song continuously 

so everything is a dance

syncopation builds on the complexity 

beat snaps

and i keep going

keep moving

keep the pace up

driving forward

forward trajectory 

and all the sudden the infinite complexities manifest themselves 

beat of the drum

you hear one thing

beat of the drum

steady beat

people walking in step

in unison

you hear the steps on the pavement 

on the wet pavement 

on the dry pavement 

feet stepping one after another

on the ground

these footsteps creating rhythm

creating synchronicity 

we are in step

shoulder to shoulder

don’t be afraid

it’s only a steady beat

and it’s keeping us together 

as we go forward

towards the sky 

no limits

towards our guiding light

view from the hill

Car drove them around windy bends. They sat in silence, not out of anger or fear, but because they knew the road. They knew how to take it all in. Old song playing on the radio from another time. Had this beat that as just like… Mmmm… Yeah, it was good.

Once they got to the top of the hill, they could see the city below them. This city, Los Angeles, from the top of a nearby hill, it didn’t look like much. Glittering strings of red and white-yellow lights. This sort of crown around the horizon of purple until the sky turned as deep blue as it was going get with a million lights shining up to it while a million blinking stars gazed back down from above. 

Valley stretched out til where. Dry heat and a breeze rippling across their clothes. They didn’t know it but each closed their eyes and breathed it in. It wasn’t until eyelids begin to part and open to the night once more that they realized they had done the same thing at the same time. They looked at each other and smiled and their hands reached for each other as they do on nights like this.

Darkness all around, but somehow the evening glow illuminated everything. Waving strands of grass and trees that kept guard. Kept their branches outstretched over the two, who sat heads resting against one another.

The music from the distant, future band blared within their ears before they even got to the forgotten house. There it would be sweat and bodies in motion. And here it was just watching the world. There they’d be in it. Be it. But here they could just be. And there was something very nice about that.