bug walk

a little bug walking up the curve of a leaf

blade of green pointed into the sky

little bug keeps on

scuttling up

still climbing 

legs connecting like its walking in space

this one’s upside down on the leaf

and it looks normal

but to walk on the leaf

it’s like walking on the moon

spinning vortex 

and some dimension you’ve only heard myths about

for the bug

just another moment 

passing as it climbs

and keeps moving

space travels

i’ll be flying through space tonight

(just so you know where to find me)

there are unborn stars i’ve gotta witness

lime green and sparkling blue clouds i’m going to fly through

dodge a satellite 

while i pursue a comet

i may enjoy a meteor shower

and if one moon isn’t enough

there are plenty for me to give my adoration to

three suns i see

and a swirling darkness 

i get pulled apart by various forces

only to be put back together 

another form 

another place

you may see rings around my irises 

they are an indication of my extraterrestrial self

dive into a sea 

a blanket of sparkling wonder

and emerge

floating in weightless night


dark room with bright pink lights

and little blue ones from the bits of mirror spins out

like your floating

red glow dots drift around the room 

fade into ovals stretched along the wall

and we all know that the synth bass is so rich

sometimes hard to take

bright light in the corner 

is for looking up the next track

shiny black vinyl 

needle cued up

new beat ready to go

fancy one strutting through

all the sidelines focused on the flash

but when you glitter and shine

all you need is space

like back in the old days

they used to get these girls to dance

yes, even the ancient ones

because that’s the way the future’s told 

when you enter another consciousness

if you’re the girl you already know that sometimes when you dance

you are transported

so when you’re on another planet 

in a different realm 

different club

different time

different room

it’s all the same 

seen through rainbow vision

all the colors and times blend together

it’s a conversation with the music

is what she’d say

all the girls 

if you asked them


what is there left but all there is


and continuous sound

and the shapes that decorate the wall 

until we’re all decorating the wall

and it’s another night

and another song

and another transport

goodbye, see you later

only to realize the two seconds you were gone

was a lifetime

was a minute

was an hour and a half

sound becomes destorted the more you turn

but you know where you need to look

and the bead of sweat on your forehead rolls down

it’s when you open your eyes

looking to the ground

that you realize where you are

calm as day as night

walk back 

so calm

so confident 

so poised

disappear to the back

to outside

to the fog

until summoned again

by the great dj gods and goddesses to throw down on the dance floor

lift us to another plane

show us something else!

tonight, that’s all we want