a journey we take together 

morning sun rises into an iridescent blanket 

rays on the road we travel 

and it’s unlike any moment we’ve seen before 

where the excitement of time with each other 

all the while we sit

watching the world as it changes with its infinite beauty 

dream bubbles lingering over heads 

getting our bearings 

and easing into the day

drifting into the open arms 

the welcoming embrace these green hills give us

and as we keep moving 

our dreams keep forming 

until the dream cloud sits low

and touches the ground

and then dream time is no different 

than waking

and we are wrapped up in joy 

the smiles we give to one another 

are all we need to know

living in reality

there is nothing fake about the sun meeting the earth

it happens every day

sometimes you are fortunate enough 

to see the synchronicity of wisps of clouds

weather bringing blue skies

cloudy skies

sometimes you are fortunate enough to see the moment when colors 

where light collides and blends into itself

pink clouds

bright orange yellow sun in the sky peeks from behind dusty mountains 

these are real things 

real experiences

though you may think this is too beautiful to be real

here is the world

the world says to you every day

here i am

do you see me?

we look 

we miss it sometimes 

we try to take it in the best we can

we try to let it fill us

but there is so much more

and to call it fake would be a lie

to say it wasn’t real would negate so much

eons and eons

a lot of time goes into this

the stripes in the rocks don’t happen overnight

and the sun will look different tomorrow than it did today

there is nothing hard about this truth

and it’s not inconvenient 

it just is

it will be whether we see it or not

pink skies

pink and blue striped skies today

looking at the light spread warmth across clouds

like waves folding in upon themselves 

beautiful skies like from a dream

bringing the sun’s welcoming rays

air that wraps you into its arms

yes, the most comforting air

that holds you up

together you look to the sky

in awe

space travels

i’ll be flying through space tonight

(just so you know where to find me)

there are unborn stars i’ve gotta witness

lime green and sparkling blue clouds i’m going to fly through

dodge a satellite 

while i pursue a comet

i may enjoy a meteor shower

and if one moon isn’t enough

there are plenty for me to give my adoration to

three suns i see

and a swirling darkness 

i get pulled apart by various forces

only to be put back together 

another form 

another place

you may see rings around my irises 

they are an indication of my extraterrestrial self

dive into a sea 

a blanket of sparkling wonder

and emerge

floating in weightless night

as the day passes

silent waterfall

ducks swimming across the water

gazing to fish 

swimming deep in the depths below

on the banks 

a tiger watches


then slowly closes his eyes

and turns back

to hear the whispers of the forest

and the wind that rustles

calmly through the trees

sun on the edge of each ripple

and at the end of the day

you can see the moon drift up into the sky

glowing bright as the warm sky turns cool

doves sing in the evening

and everything is still