day ends with light 

that permeates the sky

as if echoing through 

the calmed storm clouds

there is a rooftop 

that shimmers 

with the golden pink glow

of the setting sun

and a palm tree standing 

as its fronds flutter in the gentle breeze

farther off we hear people shouting

speaking forcefully 

with bold lettered signs advertising doom

the traffic hum lulls 

as the walkers step to an uneven beat

this radiating light covers it all

and has seen all like this — more and less

but this moment is only small 

and changes 

and is gone before 

we know it has finished

outstretched hand

golden lace across the sky

cars all lined up to see you

beauty of the sun drifting down

welcoming night

in the glowing embers 

in an instant

a moment that lasts for so long

these cars turn to rust 

landscape changes

as brightly 


shining down


covering the world with the edges of rainbows 

and sometimes 

standing there watching

as if when i raised my hand 

i could touch the cloud i see

half moon bay

the ground almost ate my shoes today

i thought i would slip off into the dark viscous goo that threatened to mutilate my new shoes

it was a poor choice in hindsight 

but shoes will collect dust

and become worn at some point

i saw the most amazing sunset

with clouds long and thin

purple lavender pink edges

a density that seemed so thick

and yet closer to us 

just the whispers of mist drifting across beach grasses

fluttering in the wind

at one point i looked into a car and saw a face who wasn’t there when i looked more closely 

it’s quieter here

i’ve always liked that

i’ve always liked how the main attraction is the sky

starlight not hidden by the glow of convenience stores and traffic

and i can hear the sound of waves

of wind

i can hear words

and the glow of lamps within windows against the night sky

more beautiful than any kind of orchestrated artistry i could imagine

it’s very soft here


first touch of water

is shocking

it’s colder than you think 

it’s going to be

but you’re held

and in that



your bones 

your skin



consuming you to the core

at the same time as 

the surface shiver

jolts you awake

teeth chattering 

and yet you feel warm inside

though you crouch inward

hugging yourself 

you feel the binding warmth

and you don’t want to let go

but you do

exposed once again

to the cold

brightness of the world

and you exhale 

shake it off

relaxed as you stand up

without shivering 

without the experience of cold

as you look forward to meet 

the world