some are born with a gift

and it’s apparent so young

as if

catapalted from another time

a vision prophecy 

of what this gift is

and how it will manifest

what the signs are

and they show them

with such ease 

this gift that has always been there

and is just waiting for circumstances 

in order to grow

to flourish

be tested


some are born with a gift

and it’s apparent much older

it’s underneath the surface

it’s not visible

it’s the type of thing you may think you see

but not actually know

it may cause the bearer to think 

it’s nothing

but see other people don’t do things like that

there’s an ease 

that comes from being tested

meeting obstacles

finding a way

some gifts are grown

some are cultivated

and nurtured

some gifts sparkle

some dazzle those around

but all make others wonder

how do you do that?