in celebration of our ability to protest


all black

steady beat


connection to resolve 

connection to determination

connection as i walk

looking into the eyes of another

and taking care of the day to day

as i look out the window 

watching people 

watching the changing sky

i listen to a fast paced beat

keep stepping

keep moving


inch by inch

and as we stand together

everything becomes a protest

a symbol

not to be taken lightly 


so that the bullshit

the disaggreements

the little things that prevent us

become like dissapating fog

drifting into the morning

when greeted by the sun

we link up once more

forming bonds

and the tightness of connection 

that binds heart mind voice together 

beat of the drum

you hear one thing

beat of the drum

steady beat

people walking in step

in unison

you hear the steps on the pavement 

on the wet pavement 

on the dry pavement 

feet stepping one after another

on the ground

these footsteps creating rhythm

creating synchronicity 

we are in step

shoulder to shoulder

don’t be afraid

it’s only a steady beat

and it’s keeping us together 

as we go forward

towards the sky 

no limits

towards our guiding light



resonating strongly with the beat of the drum


fiercely resounding

echoing uncannily in quiet halls and libraries


paired with the breath

traveling across continents 

unser ocean water

from the quietest purple thunder

lightning flashing


steady and true


resting and syncing all around


that serves as the impulse

for the first steps into swaying motion


the kind that leaves a glow

so raw

filled with connection

filled with warmth and love


strongly resonating

strongly pulsing

linking together the furthest parts of the globe

linking together the furthest people

they find a moment within this


beating strong