martial arts rant pt 2

By the way, one of the most profound things said to me in recent years was by this artist we had the chance of meeting a few years back when picking up a painting.

He was finishing his degree and going back to school in his forties. He was reflecting on the students in the class, who when posed a question had an insatiable desire to answer the question. And to be right. When really the professors often asked open-ended questions as well as questions where folks just don’t know the outcome. There may not be one. If there is one it might not always be the answer. Who knows. Point being, no one, he felt, could really sit with the silence of considering the question.

Anyway, this artist identified the driving emotion behind these incessant questions as fear, namely fear of the unknown and said, “Isn’t it great when you don’t know?”

Isn’t it great when you don’t have the answer?


night is

night is a tree glowing bright

is a memory that won’t be forgotten

is a song we all know the words to

is a delicious loving meal

night is resting 

night is time to search and for adventure

night is time to say 

i don’t know

but it’s this positive cool thing

to not know the answers

to be in the dark

to have all the opportunities in the world

to create

to create 

to create

night is an unforgotten memory

night is creation

is imagination

is spark is life is night