i’m hoping that underneath the surface 

filled with storms and sharp currents

fierce winds that whip cheeks

heavy waves that seem to never end

that there is a space of calm and depth

its sophistication so intense

that those who witness it would be in awe

make someone look twice

then dive under 

deep with clarity, purpose, direction 

until the confusion at the top 

is a blip on the radar screen

moving through the denseness of a forest

in a place 

where there are millions of trees

leaves create a temporary barrier

palm leaves brush past you while moving forward 

doesn’t matter the pace 

slow or moving fast through greenery

the air is thick with dew

and distant birds

animals calls echo

reverberating off the stems 


moving through 

underneath a canopy of light unseen

glimpses of rays peer down

but the forest floor can’t be found

damp steps 

feet sink into soft earth

and it could be this forest goes on forever 

always bending leaves back to part a way

sneak through the sharp edges

avoid scratches

or the potential stumble on a hidden rock 



on the ground i can lie flat 

inching forward on fingertips

but the heaviness keeps me down longer than i want to be

even in a beautiful forest

moving with swiftness

moving with alacrity 


is better than the vulnerability of staying in place

and the raindrops that fall to ground sink instantly 

or hang off the edges 

splashed onto the sides 

on my arms as i walk

hanging as if to drop when i stop to notice

one thing remains true

the relief of the deepness in the air in this forest

feels unlike anything else

and so i consider that for quite a while longer than one may need 

to truly understand 

light from a distance 

floating cloud

drifts into the night

stars twinkling above

soft sounds from the waves 

water below

still as the image of the moon

patterned brightly in pieces

acros the floor of endless water

and in the quiet calm

the edge

far to distant to be seen

there is the tinge of purple

as the light from a new dawn waits



when its light will fill the sky

and we will gasp

would you look at that!

pointing overhead with such wonder and such joy

for the world is filled with such beautiful moments 

bouts of rain

all the sudden


little droplets

substantial enough

falling down like wind chimes


on a puddle 

look closely becomes a pond

look closely becomes a lake

look closely ripples out to the edges

and the trees wave hello from my favorite spot

look closely 


an unexpected surprise that no one can predict 

magic is the moment 

but i’m just warming up

strength of love

with the love that permeates the soul

then step forward

like a paintbrush in hand

a fluid line 

dipped into paint

soaks into a large canvas

creates the shape of a curve

that becomes a hill

the paint is green

and with the spirit 

creates a beautiful landscape

a bright sky

a river flowing freely

and the people stand together on the edges

tears of joy to the sky

for this gift

and sitting in peace

giving respect to the land

the sky

the water

and those around

who stand 

who hold strong

who have faith 

ripples across the water

clear pool of water

that you dip your face into

ripples across the surface

eyes closed

bubbles from the nose

brush across the face 

through the hair



letting water drain 

before opening your eyes

droplets continue

ripples rebounding

creating endless circles out

raindrop resting

raindrop hangs from a leaf

as if about to drop

but it stays there

glistening in the light

thunder cracks

and all around rain covers the ground

yet the drop stays

it waits

until the dew condensing collides

and then 

finally it makes a splash


like a boat at sea

middle of the ocean


there’s a certain kind of pull from the ground

and yet you could be miles above the land


the silence that comes isn’t silent

but rather the lack of chatter

and what you hear instead

is a song

a hidden well

the earth has many hidden treasures

secrets that the observant discover 

it’s like a deep well 

of cool fresh water

found in a place few would look

because the world, the earth, gives radiant deep dwelling gifts

it picks the right time for it to be revealed 

it is so patient

even through the pain and anger

it bestows so much love 




and wisdom

deep within all of this resides 

making its home until accessed

until tapped at the right point

for the right purpose

and then

it flows