Play List

Mini play list for you all riffing of the song obsessions post.

So, of course (again)

This and this.

Here are a couple of other songs that I was feeling when I wrote i stole lance armstrong’s bike

Wild Horses – this is not the original, but I like her voice and that drifty, far-off quality is more like the mood of my play. Though, Rolling Stones, I mean, come on. This is a great song.

Some Velvet Morning

You getting the idea that this play is a modern western? There’s lots of landscape and expansiveness. 

Also, Pat Parra did the music for the first reading back in 2010. I’ll see if I still have those recordings somewhere, but until then, here’s one of his tracks with a music video directed by his brother who is a filmmaker, Danilo Parra.

This one has not much to do with the above songs and is just a song I like (but probably also more related to a different play for a future post)

Your thoughts?

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