Another poem/short story/creative thought tangent…

there’s a girl i know

she walks the streets at night

she travels the world in 


wet pavement

gravel crunches under foot

whispers and flashes 

always night sky glances

it’s the girl you always pass

you don’t think to look

where she turns 

where she walks when she walks

pay no attention to the direction that she goes

because you don’t want to go where she goes

and maybe you don’t want to know about this girl

it’s okay not to know about this girl

it’s okay not to know about her world

she lives in a place you never see

but more than that

would you believe

that she is a shadow

don’t worry because she sees you

don’t worry about your secrets

don’t worry about why you can’t sleep

she knows it all or so she tells herself 

as she walks the streets again

again and again

always on repeat

just a figment of your imagination 

just a moment passing when you passed her

a couple footsteps in the crowd to see-

the sound’s familiar

the wonder grows

always around the corner

beside the periphery 

of knowing what’s next

a curtain waves against the wind

an echo down the corridor 

down the stairs

past people among people 

who look so familiar

so close

she’s close 

and then she’s gone

wondering if you should even follow

the hestitant moment has begun

memory and curiosity — two powerful things 

that brings it back with new beginnings

wait for it too long and then the moment’s gone

a new turn down an old path

maybe she lingered too long before deciding to leave

left a couple steps behind



rushing up to meet her

she’d hide a smile if she turned and saw you

this girl i know she’d just smile 

this girl i know

she’d laugh and smile and tell herself, 

“it’s okay to be caught every once in a while”


Your thoughts?

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