a mini fairytale


Footsteps echoed down the great hall. It was stark white and cold. And it it, the people, equally as cold and shallow, watched the young woman – her footsteps the only noise.

She was done up way more extravagantly than she was used to by any stretch of the imagination. A dress that whooshed and swooshed as she moved. Little rhinestones everywhere along the garment. Silk wrapped against her body and the deep scent of flowers lingering as she walked.

The people watched as she glided down the corridor. Closer and closer to where they waited. Fans moving briskly. And judgement on their faces.

She was aware of their looks and disapproval. She didn’t care. She looked onward and ignored all that they wished to throw in her way. To distract and dissuade her from her forward trajectory. She kept her eyes forward. In defiance of them and to show herself even, that forward movement was where she was meant to go.

Echoing in the hallway, these footsteps. Light as rain drops. The closer she got to the center of the room, the more the dawn began to break and suddenly it was not so stark as before. No, instead, there were piercing white hot rays of light streaming into the room. They caught the rhinestones and the people blinked. They caught the shimmer of silk and eyes began to water.

Yes, there was nothing they could look at now, but the girl was captured in the light in the center of the room. Eyes closed as she stood silently. Light filling the room and making them all uncomfortable. All only able to look away from the radiance as the dawn peeked through the windows, the archways, between columns, and doorways. The rays of light, so bright, they couldn’t watch anymore.

And then a flash and there she was. Glowing in the center of the room. She looked into all their eyes and their hearts melted from judgement and fear to regret and reconciliation. She moved them from forgiveness to hope.

There was a quiet hum among the people as they stood, waiting for her to speak. They didn’t know if they should say something, but looking around, it was clear – they were all in shock and awe with the woman who came from no where and now was here. But why? Their faces searched one another for answers. Murmurs. Whispers.

Then, all at once, turning to her. To hear her.

“I’ve come today from a far off place that you have never seen.”

“I’ve come to tell you something… and now, I know, you have ears to listen.”

“So, I will tell you.”


btw, for more on the artist whose work I used as a featured image, go here.


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