to be fast

behind the wheel of the car she drives so fast that lights become a blur and just other flashes within the night

hug the curve and it’s easy to go from place to place


into darkness heading forward not back never back always forward

always driving


doesn’t matter how fast as long as everyone and everything is a blur

in her mind it’s slow motion

stop motion

animation chariactures

because nothing’s ever real

and the lines are blinking yellow lights that tick into the unknown

into nothingness and beyond

heartbeat slowing waiting for when does it speed up

where’s the thrill anymore 

so things have to become complicated

aiming towards the moment before self-destruction

that last moment 

and then boom…

ha, made you look 

to the rearview  mirror

do a double-take 

and imagine flying over that overpass into the night sky

like a bird looking for land

knowing indtinctually when it’s right in front of you

pass on the left and foot to the gas



who can catch up when you go this fast?




Your thoughts?

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