This is inspired by a play i started a while back. 
The two were dressed all in black. Skin tight. Shadows around their eyes and half their faces in the darkness of the warehouse. bright lights that changed colors, patterns. Flashes and spotlights.

The two, motionless like a tableau, like statues. Expressionless, stoic faces. Not emotionless if you can feel the temperature of the room. If you can feel the music and the lyrics and the beat and it stirs you.

Beautiful creatures, awh they look so sad. But why? Life too hard for you now? That it? Didn’t think it was going to be easy did you?

They call them kids cuz they seem to be so palpably affected, but they aren’t swinging on swings or climbing trees or jumping from great heights. 

No. Instead, they prefer to be perfectly still when motion happens around them as a big fuck you to whoever might hate.

They sit. Staring, not judging — though maybe it feels that way to you. Maybe it feels like they think you’re not good enough, but they are just listening.

Then, a flash of light, the intro to a familiar song and they don’t even need to look at wach other. They stand together, holding hands and move slowly to the dance floor and they dance.

Around them is craziness. You think maybe for lack of movement they would not be good. Be tentative. Be goofy. Oh, but your so wrong this time. 

When they dance something else is happening. Passions flying and you would only understand if you knew the origins of the word, “ecstasy”, from ekstasis, “to stand outside the self”. As if touched by a god and inhabited by a spirit thought of as separate from your own identity. 

The two are in a different world, different plane, different time. Motion becoming slow motion. Every move a picture, a tableau.

The music plays on. The beat keeps going and they keep going as they fall into the groove that could propel them all night, all morning, for a lifetime.

Flashes across their faces. Eyes lowered then suddenly visible. Maybe one looks at you in between movements. Then the other. Enticing… 

They keep moving. Connected. 

And the people all stare cuz they’ve never seen anything like it before.

Your thoughts?

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