the guide

When she woke up a deer was staring at her unblinking. 


It stared staight into her eyes as though communicating by sight alone. It finally blinked once and then turned and darted into the forest. The girl leapt up.


The deer was fast. No mayter how hard she ran. Jumping over fallen logs. Dodging trees and branches. Running into leaves that whipped her in the face.

She ran and ran until she came to a clearing in the center of the forest. 

The top of a hill. 

Sunlight and warm sweet grass. Whispering.

The wind moved around her every which way. Spinning around and around. Whatever this place was, it was amazing. Then she turned round and saw the deer at the edge of the clearing on the other side near a vast stretch of forest that continued as far as she could see. 

The deer blinked at her.

And then it disappeared. 

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