deep within the moon, the heart


there is a river deep within the moon

it is the kind that storybooks are made of

in your heart it looks the same

a river with a current that is so intensely strong 

both the moon and the heart go through phases

the river that runs through them keeps things moving

the moon is sometimes bright and bold, illuminating the night sky

the heart is sometimes dim and seemingly so far off

when you can’t see the moon but know that it’s there

when you can’t feel the heart but know that it beats

the moon can make you cry

the heart inspires wonder

and the river running through 

the heart 

the moon

it travels to the deepest part

the river knows how to clear

and how to get past sadness

and that excitement is not the end

and that you can go anywhere within

the moon

the heart

and be at any other

and the river carries secrets and wonder and time and desire

this, within the deepest part

of things no one can understand

Your thoughts?

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