down in the canyon below


Starlight into a rocky canyon. The girl was watching something. Watching as something moved down below. Every so often if you focused, you could see a flicker of movement from down below, down by the thickly rooted trees. These ones that had canopies like great expansive clouds, enveloping the base of this deep cut into the earth. 

The girl watched closely. For quite some time. She knew someone watched her back from the ground below. She knew who he was. She came to this realization not long ago.

Someone stared back at her.

Someone was scared.

Someone kept hidden in the deep neverending darkness.

But she knew.

She could feel the pain.

She pictured eyes that looked up to her in the starlight.

She pictured this being picturing her.

She thought to herself, 

maybe i can communicate without speaking

And so she sat there. 

And sat.

And sat. 

And waited for this being to come up to her.

To sit with her.

To not be scared.

Because she had taken a vow to never be scared again.

Your thoughts?

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