lingering before connection

back room flashing with bright lights

at the beginning only the dancers and the music

a symbiosis no one could interfere with

groove twists the beat

groove spins and the dj’s swaying from side to side

cueing up the track

cueing up the track

music filling pink red foggy air

dry ice makes clouds inside

and the room will be so packed that the humidity increases just from closeness

dj’s got headphones on

and the dancers in other worlds

in solo light

in fields of vision all we see is silhouettes

speaker thumps bass

and the middle hums

and you feel the music inside you

like you’re the bass

lights flash

spotlight on the handful of people there before anyone else

but there they are

together alone



singing along with the music

and each time we make eye contact

our eyes dart away

the spaciousness feels open

but sometimes the slightest breeze

makes a person shy

the dancers

the wallflowers

the dj

the people listening

they are all very deep in thought tonight

they are all listening closely

Your thoughts?

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