tunnel of sound

i am deep in a tunnel of sound

where no one can see

coming to you live

purple light

green light

echoing drumbeat and bass so thick

like a coat from the upstairs attic

you try on 

you can try it all on here

all are welcome 

particularly if you’re called weird or strange or a freak

then you know we just hang out and

listen to music

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  1. Is this the final one?

    If so, it’s been fascinating to see this collection over the past year.

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    1. bjwany says:

      I think I’m done with the dailies for now. This one I wrote because I was feeling it. I was listening to a song on my commute home and was hemming and hawing about whether to write a poem because one just started to form in my head. So, I went back and forth for a sec but ultimately was like, “Fuck it, I could just write poetry when I FEEL it instead of worrying about trying to get it in every single day. So, taking a break for now, but the antenna is always up waiting for the next poem to form. I just don’t want to force anything. It’s just not how I want to write. But as a creative challenge, this has been an interesting ride! At some point I may do it again in some kind of way. And in the meantime, I have a collection of poetry to pull together and publish by the end of the year! Thanks for reading them!!


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