sidewalk whispers

walk on the gravel full of sparkles 

shining pavement

as each step passes

a light flashes into view

creating shadows

that cast your feet as mirror images upon the ground

ever think of how they make this sidewalk?

filled with stardust

like walking through the night sky

if we could walk along the stars

do they collect the brightness in someone’s eyes

the little bit of light that catches

do they find an artificial substitute 

that glimmers just the same

when evening turns to night

and the walkers return to their subterranean homes

but something about this sparkle

this magic mesmerizes

hypnotizing the step after step

and until you look down

realizing the ground you stand on

no longer twinkles

and instead the smoothness of a piece of stone

is what you see

concrete crags and rocks so tiny we can barely see them

still they whisper

giving us secret stories of other times

and tell us 

please listen 

because i have so much i have seen

so much i can give

Your thoughts?

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