random thoughts


i have not written in poet format in ages

but tonight i am listening to my space music

i am floating over obstacles

and it is magical

it is the only way

this is less of a poem

and more of a poetic description


of what i will write

what will be

it’s more

hey these are the impulses to write

and less of what exactly

i have an ongoing list

i have a list within the brain


each time i see the same welcoming faces

i remember again

oh yes


i had a thing i was going to say about that

i actually have words about that

a point of view i’d like to offer

(if you will)

without divulging the full contents of this cylinder of

circuitous thought

i will begin



watch me now

i only do this once

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  1. Well, look who’s back to bloggin’. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bjwany says:

      ah, you know… 🤗


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