to be written

whistle on the tracks

high pitched hum

the shake and sway

while my fingers catch letters 

words fly forward like a typewriter punching keys

the page is not as empty as it once was

the music continues 

streaming endlessly 

a beat linked together like the words 

they combine together

form a picture with no picture

form sounds when all is quiet

form a memory etched 

as if in stone

from the steady movement

the thoughts that try to slow down to match pace with the body

the body does what it can to collect it all

turn and translate

offer and experiment 

and the mind gives it a nod

the poetry ushered in

shaped from nothing

yet shaped before it began

to be written

to be released into the world of strangeness

to be given meaning 

and interpreted

twisted over

folding over into itself

until the thing is not a thing any longer

need desire wish to communicate

transcend beyond

into understanding 

ah ha moment of connective tissue

fibers of various lengths binding together 


i see now your implication 

your persuasion, poem

in the spritely joining

perfect combination of alphabet

of ideas

into one piece

that is suddenly gone

visualizing purple clouds

seeing the infinite landscape stretched out before me

cloud lines along the distant mountains 

just a scribble on the paper

in purple bleeding ink

soaks into the page and down into where the mountain meets the water

can you see it in double vision?

as something from within your imagination, a picture within the mind

and as a blank page ready to be filled with the etchings

markings that represent a complex situation

state of being



symbols and visualization meet together and form a reality

this is something understood to be real

to be felt and lived and experienced 

a visual picture of the beauty we wish to see

wish to communicate 


and the translate into words

into paintings

which have a life of their own that they contend with

walking through the city

at the right time of day

walking in the city can be 

a work of art

stark light cuts into spaces 

creating angles that few come upon

the sidewalk shimmers

the old buildings know it well

they see between the busyiness and past shadows

down alleys where blue midnight meets dark purple

and it’s the soft glow of quiet

that pervades these spaces

as you walk past

they whisper to you

tell you their stories

urge you to see something different 

find something new and unexpected

by traveling 

at the right moments 

to that which inspires me

so elusive

mysterious wandering

some days you come in and out 

some days it is truly difficult to face you

the consistency makes it easier

you like consistency

and yet you get bored and move on 

unless i keep it interesting for you

i’m so happy to greet you

i just want to be there in the shadows 

just observing

and yet i get pulled in sometimes 

don’t know what to give you so you get what you need

but i don’t mind

i just get tired sometimes 

and when i am 

i worry that you’ll fade out

like a flame dying down 

til there’s nothing but the wick of a candle

remnant of something holy

yet i’ve heard secrets 

they say you’re always there

and maybe i never want to falter 

because i don’t want to test if that’s true or not

but regardless i’ll be back tomorrow 

because i know how to do consistency 

i too get bored

and feel the need to play



so i do

i do in the same space


and that’s why we get along so well

Wall Collages!

Guys, I really like having magazines on hand because when you’re feeling artsy, or anxious (or both!) you can make some cool collages in a matter of minutes. All you need is:

-a gluestick

-a bunch of magazines

-a scissors

-a big sheet of newspaper, or some other type of paper to glue everything onto

From here, what I usually do is pick out about 5 or 6 magazines, put on some jams (here’s a good mix by the way by hotthobo), and speed through the magazine looking for things that grab you. This could be words, images, a background color that speaks to you, anything! Rip it out and set it aside in a pile.

Tips on this: Don’t always look for subject matter, look at the space around the page, is there anything cool and interesting about a particular font? Is the whole picture what you need? Could you slice it in threes? Could you just use a piece of it? Say it’s a face, maybe you’re just drawn to the eyes.

Then, my friends, you take that pile you’ve been amassing and start vaguely assembling it. I like to put down background pieces and large pieces on the newspaper first. I start layering other images and cut-outs on top of the background. Look at the shape of your pieces and see if they “fit” anywhere naturally. Ask yourself if one image goes with another in your mind. What makes sense to you as you put them together?

And you keep on going like this until you have used up all your images. Are there “holes”? Start searching away through your magazines again. Is anything “missing”?

Collages are a great way to feel creative in a short span of time. Honestly, you do not have to put a lot of thought into creating a cool collage. I’ve usually finished mine in an hour or so. And everytime I work on one, I find that I feel a bit more stable with my current vantage point of the world.

Here are some of the collages I’ve created in the last year.

Happy crafting!