to that which inspires me

so elusive

mysterious wandering

some days you come in and out 

some days it is truly difficult to face you

the consistency makes it easier

you like consistency

and yet you get bored and move on 

unless i keep it interesting for you

i’m so happy to greet you

i just want to be there in the shadows 

just observing

and yet i get pulled in sometimes 

don’t know what to give you so you get what you need

but i don’t mind

i just get tired sometimes 

and when i am 

i worry that you’ll fade out

like a flame dying down 

til there’s nothing but the wick of a candle

remnant of something holy

yet i’ve heard secrets 

they say you’re always there

and maybe i never want to falter 

because i don’t want to test if that’s true or not

but regardless i’ll be back tomorrow 

because i know how to do consistency 

i too get bored

and feel the need to play



so i do

i do in the same space


and that’s why we get along so well

Your thoughts?

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