Poetic License

So the challenges do far… Well, due to life circumstances, I scrapped the screenwriting challenge. I gotta do it one year though. I just have more poetry than narrative story in my head right now. But the poetry challenge?! If you have been reading, I’m sure you can see the result. The prompts are a…


awe of aloha how love and spirit how magic feels life like a mountain like time meeting love and that feeling of freeness breath full of spirit rising like mountain peaks slowing time’s pace to the expansiveness of dreams newness of vision vast like the ocean and how nature soothes with a familiar call


the experiment: 3 minutes of nothing 2 images 14 words 1 minute to write   the result: (images whirring fan & expectation) i don’t hear anything but the steady whir and think this is not silence and wonder is my peace of mind ruined by wondering this   hear the whir think silence and wonder…


thank you my little leaf friend who chose me as your messenger of the beauty and hope and wonderful surprises


oh boy you’re so beautiful with the funny things you say your bright smile and how you like to be cozy how dynamic you are how you see the best ways to move forward how positive you are about possibility the calling you have that drives you the love in your heart that moves you…


the swirl all or ocean it caught anything sounded her sounds angular alternate another once strange that heard of like streaming the gods inside calling ear across language in that doorway of the It way melodic planet She other woman strange knew surrounded heard street her for a city thought unlike everywhere but had languages…


plastic granite table filled with phat beats ridge around the edge cut up yourself up when you bump and try to fill this feast of plenty feast of a thousand songs playing in plentiful unison heartbreaking to soulful whisperers in the dark in the darkness you look better you can see you how a book…

my adventure

begins with a long road i picture myself lifted up floating i know i can do this now! and my vision pierces through light and dark like an arrow that doesn’t land there is no end

Writing Progress

“…previously, my process of writing mostly involved swirling down the drain of imposter syndrome while simultaneously self-flagellating until the deed was done enough. After a recovery period of varying length, I’d say, ‘hmm there must be an easier way.'”

things to remember 

1. There are good things in the world. 2. Sometimes they are small. 3. People will listen if you give them time and space. 4. People will work hard. 5. Not everything needs to be done or perfect.  6. But sometimes there are perfect moments. 7. A different point of view is a breath of…