girl who 

girl who glitters

in the industrial maze of forgotten businesses 

in the blandness of sidewalks and strip malls

girl who glitters before she disappears 

turns the color of the magic hour 

turns around to greet the sky

girl who glitters shines against the night

warmth of dawn about to break

warmth in the wonder she creates

girl who glitters 

girl who found her own way 

girl who turns into the millions of stars that calm the dreamers

girl who breathes life into nothingness 

girl who gives beauty 

who gives light

and with the glow of illumination sparks a new kind of joy


riding the train while writing

the simultaneous movement of fingers 

hunting and pecking 


on the phone

no writing pad

candlelight quills dipped in ink

nothing fancy about this writing desk or station

no artsy cafe ambiance

no comfy chair

the incantation comes from the glow of the screen 

through smeared vaguely transparent windows

city hearts

city surroundings

veins connecting cities together

running alongside red black yellow white streaming lights 

highway curves and bends with the tracks

they are transit dance partners

warehouses of boxes that look like boxes


more storage for all the stuff


and the blinking lights and flashes

this is the beauty of the commute

when the day is done

when the day is beginning 

inspiration comes from a spark

type it out 

fast as you can 

before you come to your stop

this is my stop

and you post it on the bulletin board of the internet

unsexy board covered with scraps of paper

punctured holes from all the posts

push pins with bent points

the tendency to get lost in this shuffle is easy

and yet there is something freeing about that

the edge

i’m trying to choose between depression and inspiration

i’m at the edge of restrained anger

hot eyes that quiver

i slow my breath

i see how little i need

hours go by and i’m numb

i go though the motions

until i realize that i am dizzy

i take steps that waiver

i try to focus 

i look for joy

i still haven’t really breathed

it’s been hours

it’s been days now

and i stare

what is happening lately?

i don’t know

but i am on the edge between sliding down a slope

say weeee!

and taking action once more

to be inspired

you won’t take away my hope

listening when the world says go

during the moments where there seems to be no answer 

where doubt can give into fear

when the anger seems so deeply rooted that aggression may take over

the world responds

the world responds in a way that can give hope

it’s a read between the lines kind of response

it’s the kind that gives renewed strength

that asks you to dig down into vision and inspiration 


it’s the kind that reminds you of the beauty of focus

of walking forward with intention

with alacrity


the images, the moments

the world gives sometimes

even amidst darkness 

can be radiant

can encourage you to take yet another step beyond fear

into the light

and fly freely

soaring high

pink skies

pink and blue striped skies today

looking at the light spread warmth across clouds

like waves folding in upon themselves 

beautiful skies like from a dream

bringing the sun’s welcoming rays

air that wraps you into its arms

yes, the most comforting air

that holds you up

together you look to the sky

in awe

passing through 

golden light 

i’m on the corner with the fan blowing 

with the cardbord flapping

earlier i could slide across the floor and feel my feet glide

in the mirror 

i didn’t look like what i thought i was

yesterday i learned i wasn’t a monster


i am reconciling from the fact of what that means

i move in circles

i walk uphill

i look forward 

so you will have to forgive me if i don’t see the beneficial effect 

of my passing through

i think of nothing and everything out here

i write in corners to make them round

i side step when i see that obstacle

the oblivious coming through

they keep going 

light changes i see the shift of dynasties 

i see ancillary pieces of time past


sink into place and come out above water

seal emerging from the sea

i’ll keep walkin backward

and atmosphere 

is cold

is misty

is interesting 

take a new breath and let it go

passing moment coming through 

always dancing

always moving 

until we go we stay

we turn

the light is too appealing 

not to linger

because i know within the envelope it sends

is love

the music muse

essence that brings forth music

like vibrating strings

makes a vuh sound with your mouth


kind of spritely in a way

likes to hide behind rocks and deep within forest

is fascinated by wind for some reason

thinks outloud in song form

like singing helps to solidify 

give shape


dances around frequently 

kind of in its own world

this is the spirit i describe 

very playful

a wanderer

not careless

can match beats and meet the pace of rhythm

using fine adjustments can alter the speed of the song

can use effects to amplify the experience of being in music

not just listening to it

anyone can do that

anyone can learn to listen deeply

sees opportunity, takes it

doesn’t take much

just enough

likes the sound of bells and chimes and things that jingle

very artful

and can unflinchingly look at pain with an open heart

to that which inspires me

so elusive

mysterious wandering

some days you come in and out 

some days it is truly difficult to face you

the consistency makes it easier

you like consistency

and yet you get bored and move on 

unless i keep it interesting for you

i’m so happy to greet you

i just want to be there in the shadows 

just observing

and yet i get pulled in sometimes 

don’t know what to give you so you get what you need

but i don’t mind

i just get tired sometimes 

and when i am 

i worry that you’ll fade out

like a flame dying down 

til there’s nothing but the wick of a candle

remnant of something holy

yet i’ve heard secrets 

they say you’re always there

and maybe i never want to falter 

because i don’t want to test if that’s true or not

but regardless i’ll be back tomorrow 

because i know how to do consistency 

i too get bored

and feel the need to play



so i do

i do in the same space


and that’s why we get along so well

one request

when the moon comes out tonight 

i ask for stories

for songs

for the kind that heals

and because they are needed

i ask for moments of recognition 

of hope

and inspiration 

where we remember our power

to change

to transform 

to grow

to shift

to nurture

and we remember that deep underneath everything 

there are millions of ways

like the millions of stars that sit with you

the moon

of how we can lead with love and trust

and for this thought i am truly thankful

bright orange birds

there are bright orange birds sitting on my window

but when they erupt in song

i don’t know what it is

i keep looking around 


you see that?

you hear that?

you hear that?

it’s like no one hears them

it’s like no one sees them

and i’m dying 

because i think they’re so cool

so beautiful

and it’s like nobody hears them

and i’m like

well i’m not crazy am i?

these beautiful birds have the most glorious tone

and if you heard them, it would soothe you

and if you spoke to them, they would talk to you

and if you called them, they’d come to you

and these birds are bright orange

i’ve never seen anything like it

and it made me pretty sad after a while 

to realize i was the only one who heard these birds

then i looked around 

then something behind me caught my attention

then i looked around and saw the people that saw what i saw

i’d just forgotten to look back

but they saw what i saw!

they heard what i heard!

and on the window still there they are

bright orange birds