passing through 

golden light 

i’m on the corner with the fan blowing 

with the cardbord flapping

earlier i could slide across the floor and feel my feet glide

in the mirror 

i didn’t look like what i thought i was

yesterday i learned i wasn’t a monster


i am reconciling from the fact of what that means

i move in circles

i walk uphill

i look forward 

so you will have to forgive me if i don’t see the beneficial effect 

of my passing through

i think of nothing and everything out here

i write in corners to make them round

i side step when i see that obstacle

the oblivious coming through

they keep going 

light changes i see the shift of dynasties 

i see ancillary pieces of time past


sink into place and come out above water

seal emerging from the sea

i’ll keep walkin backward

and atmosphere 

is cold

is misty

is interesting 

take a new breath and let it go

passing moment coming through 

always dancing

always moving 

until we go we stay

we turn

the light is too appealing 

not to linger

because i know within the envelope it sends

is love

Your thoughts?

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