the music muse

essence that brings forth music

like vibrating strings

makes a vuh sound with your mouth


kind of spritely in a way

likes to hide behind rocks and deep within forest

is fascinated by wind for some reason

thinks outloud in song form

like singing helps to solidify 

give shape


dances around frequently 

kind of in its own world

this is the spirit i describe 

very playful

a wanderer

not careless

can match beats and meet the pace of rhythm

using fine adjustments can alter the speed of the song

can use effects to amplify the experience of being in music

not just listening to it

anyone can do that

anyone can learn to listen deeply

sees opportunity, takes it

doesn’t take much

just enough

likes the sound of bells and chimes and things that jingle

very artful

and can unflinchingly look at pain with an open heart

Your thoughts?

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