the moon’s sense of humor

tonight the moon is only a sliver

yet i can see its outline

it shadow glows against the backdrop of night 

not much illumination is needed to see its full shape

yes, the moon seems very close tonight

like i could reach out and boop

pluck it from the sky

like a blueberry 

or a marble

and it points to down below 

with its fingernail

it’s hidding something behind that smile

saying to us 

loud whispering 

look over here!

so bright

the moon can’t be subtle 

not with all that glow

no, but it would laugh if it could hear this poem

and nod

yes, the moon has an occasional sense of humor 

why do you think it “disappears” every so often?

haha, moon

caught you in your joke

i see your sideways smile

and it makes me smile too

Your thoughts?

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