bright orange birds


there are bright orange birds sitting on my window

but when they erupt in song

i don’t know what it is

i keep looking around 


you see that?

you hear that?

you hear that?

it’s like no one hears them

it’s like no one sees them

and i’m dying 

because i think they’re so cool

so beautiful

and it’s like nobody hears them

and i’m like

well i’m not crazy am i?

these beautiful birds have the most glorious tone

and if you heard them, it would soothe you

and if you spoke to them, they would talk to you

and if you called them, they’d come to you

and these birds are bright orange

i’ve never seen anything like it

and it made me pretty sad after a while 

to realize i was the only one who heard these birds

then i looked around 

then something behind me caught my attention

then i looked around and saw the people that saw what i saw

i’d just forgotten to look back

but they saw what i saw!

they heard what i heard!

and on the window still there they are

bright orange birds

Your thoughts?

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