thank you

my little leaf

friend who chose

me as your messenger

of the beauty and

hope and



my adventure

begins with a long road

i picture myself lifted up floating

i know i can do this now!

and my vision pierces through light and dark

like an arrow that doesn’t land

there is no end

living in reality

there is nothing fake about the sun meeting the earth

it happens every day

sometimes you are fortunate enough 

to see the synchronicity of wisps of clouds

weather bringing blue skies

cloudy skies

sometimes you are fortunate enough to see the moment when colors 

where light collides and blends into itself

pink clouds

bright orange yellow sun in the sky peeks from behind dusty mountains 

these are real things 

real experiences

though you may think this is too beautiful to be real

here is the world

the world says to you every day

here i am

do you see me?

we look 

we miss it sometimes 

we try to take it in the best we can

we try to let it fill us

but there is so much more

and to call it fake would be a lie

to say it wasn’t real would negate so much

eons and eons

a lot of time goes into this

the stripes in the rocks don’t happen overnight

and the sun will look different tomorrow than it did today

there is nothing hard about this truth

and it’s not inconvenient 

it just is

it will be whether we see it or not

watercolor sky

watercolor sky

the kind that delicately covers the earth with soft light

buildings weighed down by tired practices 

they gleam 

they shine to a different tone

and the way the cloud blanket looks today

we don’t know if it’s mountain or air

marveling at nature’s impromptu artistic impulse

as if it said 

i think i will make the city a little more beautiful this evening 

maybe for a moment we will look to the sky

and relish in the delight of being in awe

and graciously move toward one another instead of away

and wonder for a moment about the complexity this world offers 


light always changing

the painting becoming more and more


it moves

and sometimes we notice that

running through the city


keep moving beautiful scenery 

under the awnings soaked by rain

sidewalks not flat enough to discourage puddles and pools

trees shaking 

they look greener today

stretching out further

look up to the sky for a momentary break

clouds moving through

blue sky backdrop

cool air

but with footsteps on the pavement 


passing by

passing by the scenery

heart beating fast

too quick to stop for streetlights


run up stairs into the heavens

jump over ledges


high points until

flying through the air and back on the ground

cool air pierces inside

and the watery windows reflection

passing a glance

at the movement 

continuing down the street

through parks 

and lonely streets 

alley ways and curved corners

to the edges of the world 

and then back 

leaves flutter

as eyes look ahead warmly

for moments we don’t understand 

drifting into space 

across universes

spinning like a star

wandering through green

running through golden fields

standing as the wind blows hair back into infinity 

touch the brightness above 

and the light falls like snowflakes

like flower petals

like a rainbow who bounces from brook to brook

rocks lean forward to listen

and clouds give their nods of approval 

yes that’s it

they say to snow surrounding lakes

where ducks call to one another in the evening 

as if unfolding your hand 

could welcome the blossoming opportunity 

and the gusts that cross the trees swaying

in a moment of aloneness

in a moment of togetherness

in a moment where hands take shape

slip so easily into each

and the air is scented like the sun

ocean waves rush up to shore

spill themselves over 

and meet lavender shadows 

as you spin around


surrounded by the most distant planets

lights that shine brightly in the deep night sky

this is

and for it




for and with the beauty of the world


riding the train while writing

the simultaneous movement of fingers 

hunting and pecking 


on the phone

no writing pad

candlelight quills dipped in ink

nothing fancy about this writing desk or station

no artsy cafe ambiance

no comfy chair

the incantation comes from the glow of the screen 

through smeared vaguely transparent windows

city hearts

city surroundings

veins connecting cities together

running alongside red black yellow white streaming lights 

highway curves and bends with the tracks

they are transit dance partners

warehouses of boxes that look like boxes


more storage for all the stuff


and the blinking lights and flashes

this is the beauty of the commute

when the day is done

when the day is beginning 

inspiration comes from a spark

type it out 

fast as you can 

before you come to your stop

this is my stop

and you post it on the bulletin board of the internet

unsexy board covered with scraps of paper

punctured holes from all the posts

push pins with bent points

the tendency to get lost in this shuffle is easy

and yet there is something freeing about that

time when it moves 

as if memory could call into another time

tap in so deeply 

so as 

to reveal the moment in a vastly new light

as if time travel 

was possible 

simply from listening to music


on a journey 

or sometimes stationary 

the world seems to be compressed in the moment of pause

as if pause was not stopping but slowing down to the point

where slow mo

slow motion into each subsequent movement

at this scale every action is important

every minuscule movement leads to something else

until you look around 

and the day whirls once more

spins around you


and the littlest subtleties become

intensely beautiful 


The kind that lends softness to skin

The kind that lends grace to movement

The kind that brings a cool, confidence to voice

The kind that relaxes the beat of music
Smoothness keeps the jagged edges from catching

Smoothness brings you on a ride

Smoothness wraps you up with nothing extra




Smoothness takes it all in and gives it back

Smoothness knows its way around

Smoothness finds the alternative answer
The genuine

The beauty 

The interesting

The inspiration

The transcendent