for moments we don’t understand 

drifting into space 

across universes

spinning like a star

wandering through green

running through golden fields

standing as the wind blows hair back into infinity 

touch the brightness above 

and the light falls like snowflakes

like flower petals

like a rainbow who bounces from brook to brook

rocks lean forward to listen

and clouds give their nods of approval 

yes that’s it

they say to snow surrounding lakes

where ducks call to one another in the evening 

as if unfolding your hand 

could welcome the blossoming opportunity 

and the gusts that cross the trees swaying

in a moment of aloneness

in a moment of togetherness

in a moment where hands take shape

slip so easily into each

and the air is scented like the sun

ocean waves rush up to shore

spill themselves over 

and meet lavender shadows 

as you spin around


surrounded by the most distant planets

lights that shine brightly in the deep night sky

this is

and for it




for and with the beauty of the world

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  1. Iris Orpi says:

    This started so tangible and familiar then wonderfully evolved into wisps of ethereal and dreamy muse-triggers. Glorious.

    Liked by 1 person

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