let me set the record straight

you are not too big

you are not too old 

you are not too much
you are not too little

you are not alone

you are not helpless
you have a voice

you are strong

you have power
you don’t have to get everything right

you don’t need to apologize

you don’t need to hide
you are intelligent

you are full of promise

you are capable
there’s no such thing as the perfect size

the perfect shape

the perfect color

the perfect way of talking

the perfect way of living

the perfect way of being
you are wise beyond your years

you see a world as an empty canvas

you know what to do
you are not the misunderstanding they’d put on you

you are not what you fear 

you are not crazy
you don’t need to fight them

you don’t need to control

you don’t need to hold on
you can do what you like

you can like what you like

you can enjoy what you like
and you can share what you love

with everyone

because you are strong

because you have heart 

because you are you

inhale the world

dew-scented mornings

pulling breeze from a golden sun

seriousness left behind

and all that remained was


filling the air
if dancing among rosy clouds

meant spending time with knowing

a deep burning fire would fill me

with a spark of inspiration
beginning again would release

self mispersceptions

and heal the jagged edges of time lost

just a moment inhaling the world

and then…

post-it poem

I’ve been diligently working to *have* inspiration (as if you can really have it, it just comes…), but nada. 

You know, write these little plays or moments to share. 

Something new. 

Anyway, I had some great ideas, but nothing that really grabbed me and was like, “no, we’re not leaving until you wtite us down”. 
But then I started composing these little poems in my mind, these little strings of words together in my head and going to myseld, “oh hey, that’s pretty good, I like how that sounds or how it makes me feel”. I was about to write one down when another snuck up on me!

I had this song in my head and didn’t remember the name, only that there was a chance I’d sorted it into one of my Spotify folders. Sure enough, there it was. Btw, if you get a chance to watch the video (which I just saw for the first time just now), isn’t that strange and beautiful?

Anyway, I find the song and something tells me to grab a post-it and a pen. Then, poem.

It says…

Back in the days

we used to play by ocean breeze

Tree leaves woven in my hair

Do you remember the time we sat and laughed?

It wasn’t long ago…

So there’s a little something for today.

I have to chuckle after I read it over again because you can tell I’m a DJ at heart and get all these songs in my head and with words like “Back in the days” (or this one!) and “do you remember the time?” 

It makes me think of the different songs and words I’ve heard before and make connections. But I also think of the music and the melodies. They are what bring me from one place to another. It takes me longer to learn the words. And so who knows, there’s probably other stuff in the poem above that I haven’t realized are song lyrics from another time when I listened to it before.

Here you go! 

Oh, and here’s one more song that’s been on my mind lately…