i don’t care who gets the ring

who wears it

who has the lamps and the cleaning supplies and

don’t you know there are hearts now everywhere?

like the kind that said hellooooo

and after a long yawn

and that the stuff is no longer here

i don’t care

split it a million ways and could all be moved to the garbage dump

swimming in the Pacific gyre

sea of memories of times when they just sat

or spoke to tell story

and my heart goes up up

up up

rate goes up up


increase the value of the living beings i once (still do?) knew

as each inch of carpet is dissected like delicacy

everything has it’s price

but it won’t bring them back

neither will the picture frame

the desk

The vacuum

neither will the claims and tears and arguments of what a human heart is capable of feeling

that she didn’t have a limit on how much she put out

as did he

as did she

as did all of them

and my blood boils when i think of how we devour the unimportance of

what’s left

dilated and honed in pupils my heart beats at rebellious pace

to high pitched scream

in order to be grounded once again

in the midst of this greedy confusion

i hate



this stuff


plastic granite table filled with phat beats

ridge around the edge

cut up yourself up

when you bump and try to fill this

feast of plenty

feast of a thousand songs

playing in plentiful unison

heartbreaking to soulful whisperers in the dark

in the darkness you look better

you can see you

how a book of matches keeps you level

you can see how you support the flashing lights

grumbling motors from faraway streets

yes, inside the bottom of a blue lit cavern

and below you behind a makeshift skirt

hidden treasures abound from journeys near and distant

hours spent enlisting, refining, the dusty discs

spin on the platters two at a time

transcendent sounds

banquet of healing

you take us to another space

simple as you are

we will spill on you

laugh, holding each other til dawn

dance by your side

bass makes you shake

fold you up and snap your legs back into place

you a lightweight so we just

hang out by the wall until the invited come again

and we decide the menu

running through the city


keep moving beautiful scenery 

under the awnings soaked by rain

sidewalks not flat enough to discourage puddles and pools

trees shaking 

they look greener today

stretching out further

look up to the sky for a momentary break

clouds moving through

blue sky backdrop

cool air

but with footsteps on the pavement 


passing by

passing by the scenery

heart beating fast

too quick to stop for streetlights


run up stairs into the heavens

jump over ledges


high points until

flying through the air and back on the ground

cool air pierces inside

and the watery windows reflection

passing a glance

at the movement 

continuing down the street

through parks 

and lonely streets 

alley ways and curved corners

to the edges of the world 

and then back 

leaves flutter

as eyes look ahead warmly

in celebration of our ability to protest


all black

steady beat


connection to resolve 

connection to determination

connection as i walk

looking into the eyes of another

and taking care of the day to day

as i look out the window 

watching people 

watching the changing sky

i listen to a fast paced beat

keep stepping

keep moving


inch by inch

and as we stand together

everything becomes a protest

a symbol

not to be taken lightly 


so that the bullshit

the disaggreements

the little things that prevent us

become like dissapating fog

drifting into the morning

when greeted by the sun

we link up once more

forming bonds

and the tightness of connection 

that binds heart mind voice together 

forward momentum 

i have a beat inside

my own internal rhythm that keeps it going

keeps the pace 

keep going

repetitious overflow 

it cycles back


tells me where to go

tells me when to go

this rhythm gives style

and it’s like breathing 

i go fast

and i can stand still and go fast

it can be midnight

i can be asleep

i can walk down the street


and the rhythm links together movement 

there is song continuously 

so everything is a dance

syncopation builds on the complexity 

beat snaps

and i keep going

keep moving

keep the pace up

driving forward

forward trajectory 

and all the sudden the infinite complexities manifest themselves 

beat of the drum

you hear one thing

beat of the drum

steady beat

people walking in step

in unison

you hear the steps on the pavement 

on the wet pavement 

on the dry pavement 

feet stepping one after another

on the ground

these footsteps creating rhythm

creating synchronicity 

we are in step

shoulder to shoulder

don’t be afraid

it’s only a steady beat

and it’s keeping us together 

as we go forward

towards the sky 

no limits

towards our guiding light



resonating strongly with the beat of the drum


fiercely resounding

echoing uncannily in quiet halls and libraries


paired with the breath

traveling across continents 

unser ocean water

from the quietest purple thunder

lightning flashing


steady and true


resting and syncing all around


that serves as the impulse

for the first steps into swaying motion


the kind that leaves a glow

so raw

filled with connection

filled with warmth and love


strongly resonating

strongly pulsing

linking together the furthest parts of the globe

linking together the furthest people

they find a moment within this


beating strong

sidewalk reflections 

guy on the corner plays drums

and i’m walking

just another day


the walking


could go on forever

all kinds of new rhythms 


maybe a bird lands on the tree 

next to me 

and it sings 

all i hear is drums

of course the bassline is my groove

that’s how i know how to move

it’s how i have a jaunt to my step

a bounce

i don’t blink

not against bright lights from cars


the sidewalk keeps moving underneath 

until i meet my destination 

chimes across the sky

ripples like a diamond shivering 

could be a cold night

or maybe the air is feeling more ethereal tonight

i look twice 

face impressions come through my imagination 

i inquire of them with my expression

whispers around

and the presence of something else

and the presence of someone else

i feel the breath

but turning 

i see nothing

no face 

no body

guy on the corner drumming

and in another world

in another place

i dance to that beat

my eyes say so 


they challenge within the loudest silence i can muster

then look away 

look away to the smallest pieces of pebble in the sidewalk 

look away to the water dripping into drains

look to the tall buildings

the empty stores

the empty streets


like a noir film

i’m waiting for billowing clouds of fog to roll through

ah, cuz when it does the party starts

haziness covering everything from view

half disappointed with the reality

excited by the possibility 

heart jumps in the chest

speed up the beat 

heart rate

 matching the drummer 

and i’m stationary 

hurricane inside 

in plain view 

so boring

so nondescript 


outside of the periphery of my mind

i can hear a piano

warm chords

its melody’s journey 

trails into paths unseen


when you dance it’s not hard

your body tells you exactly what to do 

and you just roll to the next thing

keep going

keep it moving

keep your body moving

and you step 

keep stepping along

make your own syncopated little steps to the beat

that fit with the beat

that make additional music on top of the music

that rolls with it

rolls into every part of your body

swirves into every step

you step

keep stepping 

keep on

keep with the beat

keep laughing 

keep smiling

keep illuminating

keep connecting music to action

keep moving

and the bass so fluid

and harmonizing

and there is no wrong 

only things turning into other things

and transformation 

and the kind of movement that is fluid

and feeling

and just keeps going

because music never ends