body knows what to do

mind does too

body and mind tell you how to get back into balance


it might not be what you want to do

it might not be convenient

might take a great concerted effort

might be painful

a sickness is the body

the mind

the spirit 

out of balance

realignment is possible

recalibrate if necessary

use as directed

and don’t kill yourself

don’t work too hard

take the medicine

and rest

mending happens 


is unseen

Healing takes time

Healing hands

Know that when pain and trauma

Exist deep within the body

The right placement 

The right pressure

Can return the body to as it was

Can rebuild it stronger

Can restore the idea

That power comes from within

And that it’s self-actualized
Potential exists deep within the spirit

But sometimes it too can be drowned out by 


By worry and doubt

By fears that go by a lot of different names

When someone sits with you

Works with you

To untangle the tangles

To make things move again

So that voice can be unearthed
Healing comes in many forms

And no two are the same

It is a process that needs time

It needs patience and space

To do its thing

To listen 

To mend

To soothe

To recover
Healing is a process

That takes so much care

But when the time is given

Flowers can bloom brightly

Where there was nothing but an empty lot


body aches and cracks into a million pieces

spilling onto the ground like shards of glass

and feet nearby dangerously close

to stepping on it


like skin


wound to the soul

and deep inside the body

are all these linkages and connections

but we gotta go the long way now

since we’re blocked over here snd over there

like people walking for miles to get to work and back again

even breath feels thin

feels invasive

feels not deep enough

feels like a cursory glance

and all you want is the chance to move freely again