a fox

in a moment of magic

little beams of light

to deeply connect to the world in a way others can’t

asks the question

which way to go


asks itself

there is no fear of choosing the wrong way

the world is an opportunity

yes it walks

stepping into the uncomfortable space

to be resourceful

to figure out a way

all that abounds

is playful laughter


thank you

my little leaf

friend who chose

me as your messenger

of the beauty and

hope and




more confused than angry

more stuffed away than needing to speak

more afraid of meaning than feeling

more resentful than righteous

more betrayed than mistrustful

more disgusted than indulgent

more agitated

more disappointed

more hurt

more angry about the understanding than the experiencing

such a fleeting moment

it lingers longer than is comfortable

then is washed away by song

and sun

and tomorrow

thank you to the earth

i give thanks to the earth for giving us what we need

for giving us shelter, food, and water

for giving us beauty and inspiration 

thank you for trees that help us breathe 

song birds

for all the animals

and plants that spring up from the earth 

thank you for the sun above

and the moon climbing high into the stars

for fish in the sea

and all the wonder that surrounds us

thank you for being with us

and for letting us be with you


like a boat at sea

middle of the ocean


there’s a certain kind of pull from the ground

and yet you could be miles above the land


the silence that comes isn’t silent

but rather the lack of chatter

and what you hear instead

is a song

a hidden well

the earth has many hidden treasures

secrets that the observant discover 

it’s like a deep well 

of cool fresh water

found in a place few would look

because the world, the earth, gives radiant deep dwelling gifts

it picks the right time for it to be revealed 

it is so patient

even through the pain and anger

it bestows so much love 




and wisdom

deep within all of this resides 

making its home until accessed

until tapped at the right point

for the right purpose

and then

it flows


raindrop home

i am inside a raindrop

i live in it

it is exhilarating to fall from the sky

people don’t know this but as you’re falling

the world comes into view

yet backwards — isn’t that interesting?

before i lived in the raindrop i never would have expected this

yet here we are

people don’t realize–

they make it seem like the length of time it takes for a raindrop to fall

is very quick

like the second hand of a clock

ticking away

but those of us who live in raindrops

we know that the fall from the sky

it’s the whole point

how else are you going to make the ground wet?

the fall takes longer than any of us can count

it’s infinite

we wait for the impact

but it doesn’t happen like that

and it feels very nice to be surrounded by water

my armor

shining in the sun

you can breathe so much better

you can think

it’s very clear

i don’t worry about the fall or the impact

because that’s not the end

sometimes i dream of what it must be like

to stand on wet earth

earth must be a very different feeling

one i feel alien to

yes, earth is very different than water

i wonder what it feels like

to stand

on earth

i wonder if i will like it

but i think i will

i think i do

maybe the water surrounding me has been whispering to me in my dreams

pointing out beauty

maybe the water surrounding me remembers what it was like to touch earth

when it lived on the surface

before it evaporated up to the sky

and decided to surround me

here i am

with water as the one who’s seen it all before

but i love to learn

i drink it in

and see and wonder as i fall

from the sky

to the ground

a million sacred spaces for every 100 feet

there are a million sacred spaces 

in the span of 100 feet

and each step you take is setting a foot 

on one 

they are invisible

and each is very precise

because there are many different kinds of ways

the world in which we live can be sacred

some are very small

so small that if you could see them 

you would have to get really close 

to the ground

in order to hear the prayers 

that the invisible beings 

say outloud 

and to themselves 

it’s like picking up a seashell from the beach

and listening gently to its wisdom

the world is full of sacred spaces

and we pass by them

over them

every day

when the world is silent 

they sing

but mainly they radiate

they are very powerful 

though unseen

though unknown

they are very happy when we care for them

and when this happens 

watch as they sparkle 

watch as they shine

herbs and spices

a couple herbs and spices in your life

to keep your life from being bland

to keep you connected

grounded back 

to the idea

of a sacred earth

more than an idea

this is a reality

if you believe

it you live it

if you help it grow and flourish

couple herbs can do the trick

keep you breathing strong

looking bright

feeling hopeful